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Meet the inqaba biotec Admin team!

As for every company, also for inqaba biotec it is crucial having a professional, efficient and well-organized administration team. Obviously, the bigger a company gets, the more complicated and challenging this part becomes and it is important that all the people involved, act together, perform their part accurately and make sure to keep the perfect order. At inqaba biotec, we have a good mix of well-experienced, young and enthusiastic team members.

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Meet the inqaba biotec MassARRAY and Technical Support team!

Inqaba biotec’s newest service is the MassARRAY technology. With the MassARRAY 4 system from Agena Bioscience that we have in Pretoria, we are able to offer a broad spectrum of services including cost-effective high multiplexing SNP genotyping, methylation analysis and somatic mutation detection. Of course the system itself is not enough to provide the services. Every individual project is designed, performed and analysed by our MassARRAY team, Aron and Lembe with close contact to the customers.

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Meet the inqaba biotec external Sales team!

Dear Customers! This week it is time to introduce you to the people you already know very well! 😉 I am talking about our good-looking, out-going, friendly and very competent Sales persons. Well, you most probably don’t know all of them … yet…. Therefore, I recommend that you read further.

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Meet the inqaba biotec East Africa team!

Inqaba Biotec East Africa Ltd (IBEA), a Biotech Company which was started in 2010, is the first subsidiary of Inqaba Biotec Pty Ltd and captures the wider East African market. Our main aim is to improve logistics and supply chain of life science and molecular diagnostic products and to offer genomic services also in our area.

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Meet the inqaba biotec NGS team!

Besides the Sanger Sequencing and the Oligo production service, we provide with our Next Generation Sequencing a third lab-intensive service.

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Meet the inqaba biotec Oligo Production team!

After Lukman’s article about the inqaba biotec West Africa team last week, it is my turn again for a new article. Today I present to you the team running our oligo synthesis service.

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Meet the inqaba biotec West Africa team!

Since the launch of the inqaba biotec West Africa subsidiary (IBWA) last year, we have become a household name with researchers and molecular biologists across West Africa. A few of you may have had the opportunity to interact with some of our team members mostly by email, but not in person. For this reason, we thought it would be interesting to introduce each team member to our beloved customers.

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Meet the Sanger Sequencing team!

Welcome back dear readers! Today I would like to introduce to you the people involved in one of our core services. Almost all of you know and hopefully also use 😉 our Sanger DNA Sequencing service.

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Meet the inqaba biotec Logistics team!

Hello again! I hope you enjoyed getting to know the info team last week! This week, I would like to present to you our logistics team!

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Meet the inqaba biotec Info team!

Hi everyone! I am Ralph and I am the newest member of the inqaba biotec team! I have just finished my studies in Microbiology in Switzerland. Now I obtained the wonderful chance to come to beautiful South Africa to do an internship at inqaba biotec.

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Contact Details

Southern Africa

  • Inqaba Biotechnical Industries (Pty) Ltd.
  • PO Box 14356, Hatfield 0028
  • Pretoria, South Africa

  • Tel: +27 12 343 5829
  • Fax: +27 86 677 8409
  • E-mail: info@inqababiotec.co.za

East Africa

  • inqaba biotec East Africa Ltd.
  • PO Box 1846
  • Nairobi 00606, Kenya

  • Tel: +254 735 370 693
  • Fax: +27 86 677 8409
  • E-mail: info@inqababiotec.co.ke

West Africa

  • inqaba biotec West Africa Ltd.
  • PMB 5320, Oyo Road, Ibadan 200001
  • Oyo State, Nigeria

  • Tel: +‎234 805 882 7272
  • Fax: +27 86 677 8409
  • E-mail: info@inqababiotec.ng