Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables now available in ALL Sub-Saharan Countries

We at inqaba biotec are excited to announce that we have become an agent of the Eppendorf range of Cell Culture Consumables in ALL Sub-Saharan countries including South Africa and Kenya.

Our customers are familiar with efficient and timely product deliveries, and can now expect the same level of efficiency with the Eppendorf range from inqaba biotec.

Cell Culture Dishes

Reliable grip and easy handling makes working with Eppendorf Cell Culture Dishes convenient and safe. They are available in 35mm to 100 mm formats with TC treated and non-treated surfaces.

Cell Culture Flasks

Available in three sizes: T-25, T-75 and T-175 with TC treated and non-treated surfaces. And are available with filter caps with innovative air filter technology or plug-seal caps.

Cell Culture Plates

Available in 6-well to 96-well formats with TC Treated or non-treated surfaces.



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