inqaba biotec wins GOLD

At inqaba biotec we are committed to great service and quality products that will meet your expectations and once again this year the team managed to excel in what they believe in.

Recently members from our East Africa branch, West Africa branch and from our Head Office in South Africa, attended the Zymo Research Summit in Frankfurt, Germany at the beautiful Falkenstein Grand Hotel. Distributors from all over the world had the opportunity to attend this event hosted by Zymo Research Europe.

This year inqaba biotec managed to win TWO awards. One, for being a GOLD distributor and the second for Best Distributor of Zymo Research Corporation in the United States of America. We are very proud of these two awards and would like to thank each and every single customer who made it possible for us to achieve this.


The team of inqaba biotec, receiving the winner’s trophy (for the picture legend)

Various topics were discussed over the three days such as marketing, new products and many success stories of how Zymo Research started in 1994. Definitely a highlight on the first day was the discussion on NEW PRODUCTS. It is amazing how Zymo Research can still come up with new ideas, new inventions while sticking to their vision and what they believe in…”The Beauty of Science is to Make Things Simple “

We are excited to share some of this information with you and that these products are now available from inqaba biotec. For detailed info and sample requests, please contact our offices or the sales manager in charge of your area.

Things to note:

ZymoBIOMICS kit for Microbiomics and Metagenomics

Find your bias and eliminate it! Overcome bias in your microbiomics workflow by using ZymoBIOMICS™ Microbial Community Standards to compare different DNA extraction protocol.


Collection devices (Collect. Preserve. Discover

  •  Innovative sample collection & stabilization for Nucleic Acid Analysis
  • A range of collection devices pre-aliquoted with DNA/RNA Shield stabilization buffer 
  • Blood Collection Tube, Fecal Collection Tube, Tissue Lysis Tube; Swab and Collection Tube, Urine conditioning buffer and DNA/RNA shield reagent


  • Shield preserves genetic integrity and expression profiles of ANY sample at ambient temperatures for up to 30 days
  • DNA and RNA can be isolated directly without precipitation or reagent removal 
  • Inactivates infectious agents (virus)

Scientists can also have fun and to keep up the competitive spirit inside and outside of the lab, Zymo Research arranged some fun Olympic activities for the duration of the summit

zymolimpics1 zymolimpics2

A big thank you to Zymo Research for the wonderful event. We, at inqaba biotec, are proud to sell a product that we believe in and we support the big and bold Zymo Research column at every stand to tell the story of Zymo Research and the uniqueness of this brand.






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  1. Juan Gijzelaar says:

    Great news! Very deserved win!

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