Meet the inqaba biotec external Sales team!

Dear Customers! This week it is time to introduce you to the people you already know very well! 😉 I am talking about our good-looking, out-going, friendly and very competent Sales people. Well, you most probably don’t know all of them … yet…. Therefore, I recommend that you read further.

During my stay here, I realised that within the biotechnology / research field, it is very important that a biotechnology distributor and service company (like us) has exceptional Sales staff! Customers depend on high quality services, high-tech and novel biotech products for their research, and mostly also on competent Sales people that understand the customer’s needs, can suggest solutions and therefore link technology and scientists. This helps the customers and also the suppliers and is important to bring research and diagnostics forward.

Luckily, inqaba biotec has very competent sales staff. I believe that the Sales team contributed a lot to the company’s success in the recent years and is also doing very well at the moment. But now, let’s introduce them one at the time.


Jaco (left), Boitumelo (middle) and Juan (right) in front of our inqaba biotec Caddy

The youngest member of the Team is Boitumelo, who is currently on transition from the Info and Internal Sales team towards the external Sales team. I already introduced her to you in the article: “Meet the inqaba biotec Info team!”

Our National Sales Manager is Juan. He grew up in Pretoria and studied Biomedical Science and Plant Biotechnology at University of Pretoria. After his Bachelor and one year of working in a lab he sought for a new challenge and started at the inqaba biotec info desk in the year 2010. Shortly after, he did external Sales in Johannesburg and later also in the Western Cape. Since 2013 Juan is as National Sales Manager strongly involved in developing sales strategies and marketing campaigns. He is responsible for the communication with certain suppliers and guides and trains our Sales team. Juan enjoys meeting people on regular basis and working on interesting projects. What he likes most about inqaba biotec is that the company is small enough to be personal and efficient, but also big enough to matter in the industry. Currently, Juan lives in Cape Town and likes playing drums, long walks on the beach and pictures of unicorns. 😉

Our Sales Manager for North-West, Pretoria and KZN is Jaco. Jaco grew up in Johannesburg and holds a BSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology from University of Pretoria. Additionally, he lived four years in England. Jaco started as an intern in our sequencing lab 5 years ago and joined the Sales team shortly after. He is often around Pretoria for customer visits as well as fitting in regular travels to KZN and North-West. In 2015, Jaco also became the Seegene technical manager. He provides technical support for Seegene products country wide. Jaco likes the travelling and different experiences every day. He is also a huge fan of our in-house Jura Coffee machine. Besides working he likes hunting, motorcycling and golf.

The longest member of the Sales team is Rati, who started at inqaba biotec as Sales Area Manager for Johannesburg and KZN eight years ago. Later she became Business Manager for Thermo Scientific Molecular Biology Reagents but nowadays, she is the Business Manager for the Life Science Portfolio. Her main task is to liaise with some of the suppliers, place instruments orders but her most exciting task is looking after the marketing material and staying in contact with our graphical designer. Often she also attends conferences to keep in touch with inqaba biotec’s clients. With her BSc in Human Genetics, Rati has a biology background. Before joining inqaba biotec, she worked in Sales department for one of the major banks and was then able to combine these two interests at inqaba biotec. Rati is really proud of inqaba biotec as a South African success story that started locally, evolved here and is now a respected player in the field. She is also a married mother of two young children.


Mncengeli (left) and Rati (middle) in our beautiful garden. Reeva (right) at work in Cape Town.

In 2010, Mncengeli (I call him just Li 😉 ) moved from Zimbabwe to Pretoria to join inqaba biotec for a newly opened position. Mncengeli grew up in Zimbabwe, where he also did his BSc in Pharmacy, his MSc in Pharmacology and also a MBA. He worked 6 years as clinical pharmacist and changed then, due to his interest in biotechnology, to inqaba biotec. As Manager for Molecular Diagnostics Products, Mncengeli stays in contact with medical clients and diagnostic labs and is responsible for sale and support of Seegene, Devyser and NIPT products. He is also Sales Area Manager for Southern Africa Countries (SADC) and therefore, he travels a lot. Mncengeli enjoys doing a job, which is different from his training, and working in the exciting biotechnology field.

The 6th member of the South African Sales team is Reeva, who graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2009 with a BSc degree in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology. She started at inqaba biotec in March 2014 as part of the external sales team and is the Sales Area Manager for the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Free State. So, her role is to look after customers in these regions and to be the direct link between the customer and the company at all times. Reeva also responds to customer queries, assist them with quotations, as well as meet with current and possible clients on a daily basis. Before she started working at inqaba biotec, she was working as a research assistant at Stellenbosch University and also in a private stem cell laboratory. Reeva’s position at inqaba biotec is her first sales position in the “big corporate world”! She evidently enjoys her job immensely as she gets to meet new and interesting people on a daily basis. She also gets to travel in SA and abroad and is very thankful for all these opportunities. Reeva was born in Cape Town and has lived there all her life. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and also competes professionally in Ballroom & Latin American dancing.


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