Meet the inqaba biotec Info team!

Meet the inqaba biotec team!

Hi everyone! I am Ralph and I am the newest member of the inqaba biotec team! I have just finished my studies in Microbiology in Switzerland. Now, I obtained the wonderful chance to come to beautiful South Africa to do an internship at inqaba biotec. Here at inqaba biotec’s headquarter in Pretoria I get to know all the different facilities and employees, their duties and challenges, the workflows within the facilities and between them.

This is me, Ralph, in front of inqaba biotec’s main building

Since inqaba biotec just started their company blog, I would like to share on this platform, how I got to know the team members and I would like to introduce them and their interesting tasks to you during the upcoming weeks.

Meet inqaba biotec-Info!

The Infodesk team: Boitumelo aka B! (left) and Jeremia (right)

The Infodesk team: Boitumelo aka B! (left) and Jeremia (right)

I am sure, you are all interested in getting to know the person behind the professional and helpful voice, when you call inqaba biotec. Whenever you were talking to a female voice, it belonged most probably to Boitumelo aka B.

After B’s undergrad studies at WITS university in Biochemistry and Microbiology, she did her Honors degree at University of Pretoria and was involved in a fancy research project at CSIR about drug delivery using laser technology…uuhh… But, apparently, that was not interesting enough for her 😉 , so she joined the inqaba biotec infodesk to do internal sales and customer service. B has been working for inqaba biotec for almost two years now.

The constant growth of inqaba biotec demands often adjustments of job duties and creates new oportunities. That is why B became the chance to do more and more external sales arround pretoria, and is now even the new sales representative for the Joburg area. Obviously, the work at the infodesk did not become less… Therefore, half a year ago, Jeremia came over from the sequencing lab to help out. Nowadays, it is mostly Jeremia who answers phone calls, replies to the many e-mails that we get onto our Info account and provides efficient and professional customer service.

Jeremia studied Mircobiology and Biochemistry at UNISA and worked for one year at the Departement of Agriculture and Rural Development and Land Administration as an intern. In 2013, he joined inqaba biotec and started his inqaba-career in the sequencing lab. Jeremia loves gardening, singing and making music and he travels to work everyday all the way from his home village in Mpumalanga. Jeremia has also a special duty, to keep our very special inqaba biotec pets fed.

When I asked B and Jeremia, whether they like their job, they instantly started smiling and explained to me why: They love to be the link between the costumers and the company. They get to know all the costumer’s questions, demands and orders, and are always eager to provide high service and fast reply. According to Jeremia, they form the “super” team!

The Info super Team at work

The Info super Team at work

13 thoughts on “Meet the inqaba biotec Info team!”

  1. celiwe says:

    Good morning
    My name is celiwe prudence Ngwenya.iam a student at the university of Johannesburg studying NDip Biotechnology,doing my final year.I am kindly asking for an opportunity to come work for your company for my in services training after my November exams.

    Kind regards

    1. Pule Shabalala says:

      Good morning Celiwe,

      Thank you for your interest in joining the inqaba biotec team.
      Please send us your CV and academic record in October for consideration for our 2017 in-service training shortlisting’s.

      All the best for your studies.

      Inqaba team

  2. Nomlulami Tshazi says:

    My name is Nomlulami Tshazi. I graduated my Bachelor of Science degree in October 2016 with majors Microbiology and Physiology. I would like to start my career with Inqaba Biotech what do I have to do ?

    I have been working for the government for some time but as I have just finished my degree I want to start my scientific career.

    1. Pule Shabalala says:

      Good day Nomlulami,

      Thank you for your interest in joining inqaba.

      Congratulation on completing your studies. Kindly send us your CV and academic record in October for consideration for our 2017 intake.

      Have a productive week.

      Inqaba Team

  3. Phethile Mthembu says:


    My name is Phethile Mthembu. Im still completing my degree majoring in Chemistry and Genetics. I would really love to work for this company, my lecture talks about this company almost all the time.

    1. Pule Shabalala says:

      Good morning Phethile,

      Thank you for showing interest in joining Inqaba. We are so delighted to know that we are well-known in those spheres.

      Kindly send us your academic record and CV in October for consideration for the 2017 intake.

      All the best with your studies!
      Inqaba Biotec team

      1. Phethile Mthembu says:

        In October should i post or email the CV and academic record?

  4. Aaron Derioteidou says:

    Good morning, my name is Aaron Derioteidou from Nigeria and I am currently rounding up my first degree program in Medical microbiology. I was wondering if I can get an internship space with your company

    1. Pule Shabalala says:

      Dear Aaron,

      Thank you for having interest in joining inqaba biotec.

      Kindly forward your CV and Academic record to the following email address: and our team from Nigeria will be intouch.

      Have a wonderful day.

      Inqaba SA Team

  5. amal zakaria says:

    Hello, My name’s Amal, from Egypt, graduated from Biotechnology programme 2012, holding a master degree in genetics, and have more than 4 years experience in a biotechnology lab. Iam seeking a job opportunity at your company.

    1. mischa says:

      Dear Amal,

      Please send your CV, a cover letter and your certificates to

      We wish you the best of luck.

      Kind regards
      Inqaba biotec

  6. Olajumoke Solanke says:

    Hello, i am Jumoke Solanke from Nigeria, I had my BSc. In Microbiology and almost through with my MSc. In Medical Biothecnology. I wish to work with Inqaba to build my myself and experience. Please consider me. Thank you.

    1. mischa says:

      Good day, Thank you for your interest in Inqaba Biotec West Africa Ltd. Please send your CV and cover letter to We wish you the best of luck.

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