Preventing and Dealing With Contamination in Cell Culture: A Never Ending Challenge

Not since the first tissue culture was successfully cultured in vitro in the 1910s have we been able to prevent contamination from happening in a lab even in this day and age. On a worldwide scale, there are still many cell culture related papers being retracted regularly due to either problems of cell to cell contamination or contamination of mycoplasma that resulted in invalidated findings. Unfortunately, the problem is often caused by human error and carelessness. This is due to either the lack of proper aseptic techniques or certain habits that are long established and passed down from a senior to a junior.  Cell culture work is not an art form but a strict regimen of rules and techniques that needs to be observed carefully and mindfully.


Eppendorf team visited Tanzania and offered a seminar focusing on types of microorganism contamination that often-plagued cell culture experiments, cell to cell contamination and handling mycoplasma contamination. This forms part of series of seminars conducted in Tanzania by Eppendorf. Others included topics on leachables and pipetting

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