Fragment Analysis

The inqaba biotec™ Sanger Sequencing Core Facility brings capillary-based fragment analysis for cost-effective high-throughput marker analysis to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our fragment analysis services include a variety of genotyping solutions, from DNA fingerprinting to indel mutation analysis for the healthcare, agricultural, animal and conservation industries.

In 2010, inqaba biotec™ upgraded the Sanger Sequencing Core Facility with the acquisition of an ABI 3500XL genetic analyser. The acquisition has decreased our turnaround time and improved the quality of our reads. The market response was so overwhelming that we acquired a second ABI 3500XL genetic analyser soon after. At present, we produce more than 10 000 reads per month.


Fragment Analysis Service

inqaba biotec™ offers tailor-made services: form single to multiplex PCR reactions; discovery to validation projects. We offer a wide range of services including simple lane reactions (giving you maximum control) to FA scoring and reporting. We endeavour to keep our service as flexible as possible to accommodate your requirements.

In order to streamline all processes in the laboratory we request that you provide FA products, gDNA and primers with the following considerations:

Additional core services are also available at Inqaba in order to better provide support for all your service requests:

Standard fragment analysis parameters

ABI 3500XL Genetic Analyzer, DS-33 Matrix Standard (G5 Dye Set), LIZ500 (ThermoScientific), POP7™ (ThermoScientific).


Please note that samples are discarded 2 months after the order has been completed; please make alternative arrangements should you wish to retain the samples/primers.


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